South Pacific World War II Museum Video Now Online

The Broken Wings team have thrown their support behind the South Pacific World War II Museum, currently in the planning and fund raising stages in Vanuatu. We’ve kicked off our support with a video we’ve filmed and edited for the Museum featuring local Santo identity and museum founder, Brad Wood. The video is a fascinating look into the vital role Santo played in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. It’s this role that forms the impetus for the establishment of a world class museum on Vanuatu’s largest island. Brad’s passion for the museum is nothing short of inspiring and once you’ve checked out the video you’ll soon see why it will be such an important tourist attraction on Santo.

The Museum is currently looking for both private and corporate backers to get behind this important project. If you’d like to share Brad’s vision and see the project come to fruition, contact the Museum at:

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Latest News

New Corsair Images Added

We’ve updated our Vanuatu image gallery to include more photographs of the wreck. In the following week, video will be added as well. Click here to see the photographs and clips.

Thanks to Wendy & Steve

Shooting in Vanuatu was a wonderful experience thanks to our kind hosts. Click here to find out more.


World War II Corsair Discovered in Vanuatu Jungle

It was a hell of a slog to get there, but after five and a half hours of trekking through incredibly dense and humid jungle in Vanuatu we made it to the site of a crashed World War II Corsair aircraft. The Wreck Adventures team of Brigg Ranford, Karl von Moller and James Carter located the wreck following days of negotiations with local villagers and their village chief.

The site was unique in that the aircraft had not been seen by ‘white man’ since the war according to the villagers whose land the aircraft is located on. The aircraft was very difficult to see as the jungle had almost completely swallowed it up. But after around an hour of cutting back the dense vines that covered the remains, the aircraft’s wings emerged from the forest floor.

A thorough search revealed that no fire had taken place either while the aircraft was coming in or when it crashed into the jungle, leading us to speculate that it may have run out of fuel prior to the crash. Additionally, the absence of .50 cal ammunition in the ammo boxes within the wings also leads us to believe it was out of ammo, so obviously the aircraft was on its way home from operations further north on the front lines, possibly around Guadalcanal. The .50 cal machine guns are in pretty good condition given their age and are still mounted in the wings of the Corsair.

We would have liked to have spent another day or two carefully picking our way through the wreck but time was against us. Plans are afoot to venture back to the wreck site in the coming months and explore the aircraft in greater detail.

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Broken Wings heads to Vanuatu

Following a relatively quiet period on the Oakey front, the Broken Wings team have decided to take a different tack – Wreck Adventures.

The plan is to produce a network based series that explores some lesser known wreck sites throughout the South Pacific and pull them together under the Wreck Adventures banner. We envisage the series being 12 episodes in length and exploring some incredible locations in not only Australia, but the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and our first adventure on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu.

WA_Plate2Joining the team for Wreck Adventures is Brigg Ranford. Like James and Karl, Brigg is an avid aircraft enthusiast, with hundreds hours behind the stick of a range of single and multi-engined aircraft. He brings to Wreck Adventures a wealth of aviation technical expertise and a passion for adventure that has seen him travel the world.

The Wreck Adventures team travelled to Espiritu Santo in early December to recce a number of sites throughout the island and shoot some preliminary footage to help nail down the Wreck Adventures concept and put together trailers and previews of the upcoming series. It’s going to be an exciting production featuring remarkable stories, some of which have never been documented before. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting more on our adventures in Vanuatu. So keep an eye out for further updates.

In the meantime, click on the photograph below to see an exciting trailer we’ve put together that will give you some sense as to what it’s all about.

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What Is Broken Wings

Broken Wings is a documentary film project currently in production in Melbourne, Australia. It explores the legend that as many as twelve brand new Spitfires still in their original packing crates, are buried somewhere in an around the township of Oakey in southern Queensland. James Carter and Karl von Moller, both warbird enthusiasts and film makers from Melbourne are behind the venture and it’s their fascination with warbird aircraft and a desire to tell a remarkable story, that’s been driving this exciting project for the past 14 years.


View Our First Trailer

To provide you with some sense as to how the whole project is taking shape, we’ve completed our first trailer for Broken Wings. It’s by no means the final trailer and there’s a long way to go yet, but it will give you some sense of where the project is heading. Of course with our recent trip to Vanuatu now in the mix, things might take a different direction and we may fold Broken Wings into Wreck Adventures.

But now that we’ve just completed the next phase of interviews and filming, we’re putting together another trailer that will provide even greater taste for what lies ahead. We hope to have the trailer completed in coming months, so keep an eye out on the website. In the meantime, click on the image and get a feeling for what’s been driving the project and why it’s such an exciting project.