What Is Broken Wings

Broken Wings is a documentary film project currently in production in Melbourne, Australia. It explores the legend that as many as twelve brand new Spitfires still in their original packing crates, are buried somewhere in an around the township of Oakey in southern Queensland. James Carter and Karl von Moller, both warbird enthusiasts and film makers from Melbourne are behind the venture and it’s their fascination with warbird aircraft and a desire to tell a remarkable story, that’s been driving this exciting project for the past 14 years.


Latest News

Tyabb Air Show

Last Sunday the Broken Wings team attended the Tyabb Air Show. Click here to see what was shot.

Centenary of Military Aviation Point Cook Air Show

James & Karl recently filmed the Point Cook Air Show. Click here to see what we shot.

View Our First Trailer

To provide you with some sense as to how the whole project is taking shape, we’ve completed our first trailer for Broken Wings. It’s by no means the final trailer and there’s a long way to go yet, but it will give you some sense of where the project is heading.

Now that we’ve just completed the next phase of interviews and filming, we’re putting together another trailer that will provide even greater taste for what lies ahead. We hope to have the trailer completed in coming months, so keep an eye out on the website. In the meantime, click on the image and get a feeling for what’s been driving the project and why it’s such an exciting project.

What Makes This Story So Unique

The simple fact that it’s a compelling, modern adventure story. A real life Raiders of the Lost Ark and it exists right here in Australia. But will we actually unearth any of these legendary aircraft? At this stage that’s anyone’s guess. In fact, many people we’ve come across ask us, “…how do you know they’re there?” The short answer is, we don’t. But with the amount of information we’ve been able to uncover over seven years, including first hand accounts of what took place at Oakey, we’ve narrowed the search area down to a number of likely targets. It’s now up to us to find them.

Whatever the result, the Oakey legend makes for an extremely exciting documentary. No where else in the world does a story exist even remotely similar to this one. Imagine it, a bunch of guys steal a World War II Air Force fighter aircraft and bury it simply for posterity. It’s the stuff of legends.The importance of finding a Spitfire cannot be understated. Of the approximately 22,000 that were manufactured, just 60 are still airworthy. What’s more, only two airworthy Spitfires still exist in Australia. So to discover one or more that could be restored to airworthy condition would be remarkable.